The "Tiffany" Nike SB Dunk Hi doesn't release until next Saturday, February 8, but the thirst for the sneakers is very real right now. So real in fact, that people have started to camp out for the sneakers 10 days before their drop.

Nicky Diamonds, the man who designed the original "Tiffany" Dunk, chimed in on the madness regarding this release. Via his Instagram account, Diamonds said: 

"People are already starting to line up and camp out at retailers 10 days before the release of the Diamond Supply Co. @nikeSB Diamond Dunk Highs. Get ready for Feb 8th, they already look like they are going to be tough to get your hands on." 

But things with the release have gotten even crazier. 561 Skateboarding, a skate shop in Stuart, Fla. which has an SB account, posted that it won't be selling the sneakers to hypebeasts who can't skate. Yesterday, on the shop's Facebook page, it had this message:

"Nike SB Tiffany High update: Please do not call the shop! Yes we will have them and they will be releasing Saturday February 8th. We are only selling them to people who can kickflip... start practicing hypebeasts."

Looks like people will be standing in line or learning how to use what the Tiffanys were made for—skateboarding.

UPDATE: The picture that Nicky Diamonds posted has been found out to be of a Tyler, the Creator x Vans camp out from 2013. Does this mean that people aren't camping out for the sneakers yet? If you're in line, let us know.

UPDATE: Nicky Diamonds have since removed the post from his Instagram account.

UPDATE: Since removing the photo, Nicky Diamonds has since posted a new image that explains what happened.

"My apologies for the last post, this kid @waio_713 sent me the pic and said it was a line outside of Southside Skatepark in Houston for the dunks," Diamonds said. "He was lying to me for whatever reason he had which is stupid. My bad for believing him, I'm excited for the release Feb 8th."