360s. Windmills. Between-the-legs. Jumping over random shit. The NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest has given new life to an array of incredible tricks in order to ooh and ahh the crowd. It's also put a couple of players in the spotlight. Usually its their crazy, over-the-top dunk attempts that get the judges off their feet flashing "10s" all the way across. But sometimes you can't help but ask, "Is it the kicks?"

We've seen our fair share of crazy kicks to complement the Plain Jane ones through the history of the dunk contest, but the ones that help a dunker get that elusive "50" will forever go down in history, no matter the colorway, edition or brand. Relive the magic that helped these players achieve eternal glory. Here are The Sneakers Worn for Every Perfect Dunk in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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