Since joining Nike in 1979, Mark Parker has done everything from product design to marketing to brand management. As the president and CEO of the number one sneaker brand in the world, he's been a part of a lot of Nike's success. But what's been the most rewarding project for Parker to work on? In an interview with Design BoomParker talked about what his proudest achievement to date.

"FLYKNIT. it’s an innovation on so many levels: sustainability, precession, manufacturing, and the design process," he told Design Boom. "It’s a game-changing shoe and has become the precedent for all future shoe projects at NIKE at least in terms of process."

Parker also talked about the challenges of running Nike:

"I never try to think about our size, I prefer to think as though we are a start-up and that we’re hungry. we are always looking at how we can innovate in meaningful and relevant ways. that said, of course sometimes our size, success and infrastructure helps and means we have a unique opportunity to realize those goals."

You can read the full interview by heading over to Design Boom