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In celebration of the legendary Vans Sidestripe, or oft-dubbed Jazz Stripe, the brand will be releasing an expanded collection of the Old Skool model for Spring 2014.

The iconic branding came about via a mere doodle from Vans founder Paul Van Doren and has long since served as a timeless symbol of the brand's heritage.

A number of Vans shoes have showcased the iconic Sidestripe, none more familiar than the Old Skool silhouette. Originally released back in the 1970s, the Old Skool, first named the Style 36, was the initial sneaker to adorn the Sidestripe.

Moving forward into the '80s and 90s, customization and collaboration become a popular play for the Vans brand, especially on the Old Skool model. Not only leading the way surrounding footwear trends within the skate world, the Old Skool shoe also became a notable factor within the punk rock scene.

Still of course relevant all these years later, Vans is again honoring the Old Skool silhouette, as well as the famous Sidestripe, by delivering a series of options of the classic sneaker. The collection will be a part of the brand's Spring 2014 campaign.

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