There is no denying that 2013 was a damn good year for basketball retros, The best brands huddled in their big conference rooms and pulled out their expensive projection screens, They read up on all of the blogs and forums screaming at them to re-release the kicks everyone grew up on and are constantly checking eBay for. And heads ended up getting a lot of sneakers re-released that they've been asking to drop for years.

FILA put out a couple of bomb-ass retros, Reebok completely annihilated the competition, and Nike and Jordan did what Nike and Jordan do best. There were also a few gems out of left field that left people speechless. Yes, this year was a damn good year, so let's reflect on the 20 Best Retro Basketball Sneakers of 2013. To be fair, we judged these sneakers from a basketball perspective, and put them in the proper context.

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