Written by Kevin Smith (@officialkls)

Let's face it, all sneakerheads have been there before. Camping out several hours for a coveted sneaker release, a wristband, or even by the computer hoping to be able to click buy. The waiting game amplifies emotions, erases logic, and pushes frustration to the max. But, no one wants to pay those jacked up reseller prices, right? 

You promised yourself last time that you wouldn’t do this again, but yet here you are ... waiting hours just to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of sneakers. If you’ve ever waited in line for anything, especially sneakers, there’s a strong chance you’ve gone through this series of emotions.

1. Optimism: You’ve come prepared. You woke up early ready to brave the crowd or to fire up your computer. No matter what, preparedness brings with it a feeling of optimism, which helps pass the time.

2. Excitement: This is the best feeling. You can't wait to get these shoes today. They're going to be so fresh. You've already picked out the perfect outfit to go with them.

3. Determination: The research is done. This ain’t your first rodeo. You’ve arrived at the sneaker store, scoped out the scene ahead of time, and you even called yesterday to make sure the store is getting the release. Everything is in order.

After securing a place in line, a feeling of determination begins to fill you up. Since you slept on the last pair you really wanted, you're in this release for the long haul. You will not leave this place without a pair in hand.

4. Exhaustion: Hour one has passed and exhaustion starts to set in. “Maybe you shouldn't have gone out last night,” you begin to wonder. You quickly shake those negative thoughts because this release is definitely worth it. Just think about all the girls you’ll impress and homies you’ll make jealous.

5. Discouragement: It’s rounding hour two … Maybe this wasn't a good idea. You're wishing you were back at home sleep in your warm bed ... maybe you should just sell your spot in line?

6. Second Thoughts: You're hungry and you're sleepy. At this point, Flight Club seems like a much better option, right? That’s where Miley gets her Js from, or so you heard.

7. Shame: People are passing by the lineup, wondering what all the commotion is about. Is there anything more degrading than telling them you're waiting in line to buy a pair of shoes? 

8. Hope: Just as you’re prepared to leave, the employees come out and let everyone know that doors will open in one hour. They make sure to emphasize, first come, first serve. Second thoughts quickly wash away. You feel a renewed sense of hope, especially because there’s only 10 people in front of you.

9. Annoyance: When the store's employees and the VIP clients show up and supersede the entire lineup.  

10. Anger: Doubt is starting to cloud your thoughts and distract you from your purpose. You begin to question why would anybody do this? “This is stupid,” you think. “I have to wait in line for three hours just to pay $180 for some sneakers?!”

11. Joy: Anger quickly dissolves because you're next to get in. The moment you’ve been toiling over for the last six hours has finally arrived.

12. Settling: You find out that the store is sold out of your size, which means you have to settle for a half size bigger. But, if you wear two pairs of socks they'll fit, right?!

13. Accomplishment: After the clerk swipes your credit card and bags up your box you are overcome with a sense of accomplishment. You didn’t get your size, you’re cold, hungry, and tired, but somehow, this was the best decision ever.

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