Closing in on its first year of availability, we've seen just as many fresh unreleased takes of the Zoom Revis as we have seen from those that have hit shelves. And yes, we dig the Darrell Revis sneaker. Accordingly, Revis' marketing and business manager John Geiger has continued to highlight these drops of the Zoom Revis that have not and probably will not see the light of day.

The latest that Geiger shows off is an Air Jordan 2-inspired iteration that features a white, blue and red look. If the Jumpman nod was ever in doubt, all you have to do is check the insole, which bears Jordan branding accordingly.

So while we have yet to see the Zoom Revis 2 from the Swoosh, shots like this of the original have us eagerly awaiting. These would seemingly be quite the coveted pair if they were to ever release. Lulz.

[via John Geiger]