Let’s face it, the New York Giants are winless at the bottom of the NFC East. Coach Coughlin and the younger Manning just cant seem to get the chemistry going on the field. Fans of the NY team just don’t understand why the Giants are unable to get the ball going. In hopes to make it to the playoffs, and possibly further, we at Complex had an idea. Maybe it’s the shoes?  So we compiled a list of 20 sneakers that would coincide properly with the Giants uniforms, and should be made into football cleats. We figure, worst case scenario, at least they look better while their getting owned by the NFL. And since Giants star and well respected sneakerhead, Victor Cruz, probably owns most of these kicks, maybe he can get the ball rolling with his friends at Nike and Jordan. Check it out to see the inspiration the Giants might need this season to hold that Lombardi trophy again.

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