Shaquille O’Neal is by far, one of the most dominant big men the NBA has ever seen. Upon entering the league back in 1992, Shaq was a man amongst boys from the very beginning. With an endless number of highlights and classic performances under his belt, Shaqs most career defining moment came when he decided to leave Hollywood to take his talents down to South Beach. Even though the Diesel left and eventually went on to help a young, spry D Wade capture his very first championship ring, he put the untouchable Laker dynasty and tinsel town in his rear view mirror without hesitation. In acknowledging this pivotal moment in Shaqs career, the creative minds over at Reebok have created this upcoming pair of “Escape From LA” Reebok Shaqnosis. Sporting a black base, all of you sneakerheads will surely notice the barrage of color that flows throughout the classic build. The potent mix of colors is comprised of touches of yellow, purple, black and red which serve an obvious nod to both the Lakers and Heat. Throw in a touch of gold about the Shaq logo and you also have a subtle nod to the championship banners Shaq has helped raise for both squads. Scheduled to hit retailers on October 18th, yet another part of the Shaq story is about to be unleashed upon the masses. Can you dig it?



[Photos via Politics]