Later this week, Reebok, along with Shaquille O'Neal, will officially reintroduce the Shaq Attaq to the world. Following the Kamikaze II, the Reebok Question, and the resurgence of the Classic Leather with select retailers such as Burn Rubber, the Reebok back catalog is starting to make its way to the public eye and into our sneakerhead hearts. In fact, seeing these models return has only served to further our addiction to sneakers and has us looking into the archives for models that we loved, but have yet to get their just due. With Swizz Beatz as the Creative Director and Todd Krinsky on the VP side of things, we have a good feeling some of these 25 Reebok Sneakers We'd Like to See Retro will see the light of day. Let us know which are your favorites.

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