Think back to June 26, 2003. In case that date doesn’t ring any bells, that was the day LeBron James was chosen by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the number one pick. As epic as that day was, it was James attire that is just as memorable. I mean, who could forget watching the Number one pick shake the hand of Commissioner David Stern while rocking an icy white suit. With over a decade now under his belt, LeBron James has been crowned “King” not once, but twice. In paying tribute to that fateful day 10 years ago, NIKEiD has created this draft day pair of Nike LeBron XI’s. Donning a fresh all white build, it is clear that the Kings suit was definitely an inspiration for this colorway. Throw in a dash of red about the inner lining and you also have a small nod to the Cavs as well. The look wouldn’t be complete if NIKEiD didn’t equip these joints with an icy outsole to match. Having already created kicks to commemorate Brons Championship and MVP accomplishments, Nike definitely gets mad props for combining the beginning of his career with his eleventh signature model, courtesy of his savvy attire. You know you are winning when your damn suit from draft day gets its own pair of kicks. 



[Photos via NIKEiD]