When it comes to the Nike Air Max category and NIKEiD,  the shoes don’t really get as much love or have as many options like the AF1 does. With the AF1 receiving new design options with each passing month, it’s easy to see why the shoe reigns supreme in the iD realm. In looking to somehow marginalize the gap, the creative minds over at NIKEiD have made the cheetah option available for the Nike Air Max 90 EM. Despite not being able to fully wrap the shoe in the highly popular print, all of you sneakerheads will still be able to do a bang-up job on the sections you will be allowed to apply the graphic to. Now that animal print is in such a high demand and is being utilized by brands all across the board, this design option couldn’t have come at a better time. Leave it to Nike to find another way to strike while the proverbial “iron” is hot and turn an increasingly popular trend into yet another retail success. Enough from us, all of you sneakerheads can head over to the NIKEiD studio right now and begin creating your very own ferocious pair of kicks. 


[Photos via NIKEiD]