After the NFL and Nike came back together after more than a decade apart of uniform partners, Commissioner Roger Goodell made a point of iterating that the league wouldn’t resemble an Oregon Ducks football game. You know, highlighted-colored teams with somewhat outrageous design, and he made true on that for the official NFL regular season and postseason. The 2014 Pro Bowl? It turns out the league and Nike have had something special – and different – coming for that particular occasion, and it has manifested in the NFL Nike Elite 51 Pro Bowl Uniform.

Accented in vibrant orange and volt, the new Pro Bowl uniforms take the present regular season game day uniform modifications (Flywire collars for select teams, smart paneling on the jerseys and pants, the Pro Combat padding layer system) and combines them with extravagant pop color and neutral tones – a sharp contrast to traditional NFL aesthetics.

The Pro Bowl uniforms, in reality, are a way for the NFL to have their cake and eat it, too. They keep the decades-long tradition of the football uniform intact, while allowing the league to showcase itself in a forum that actually more of a celebration for players and fans – a true win-win.


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