If you haven’t already accepted the graphic Foamposite wave, you might as well go ahead and do so now. Though it is a tough pill to swallow for any of you true fans of the solid colored Foamposite releases of old, all of you new sneakerheads are most assuredly enjoying the graphic heavy offerings. Having already gone through one round of camo covered Foams, it looks like there’s a second helping on the horizons thanks to this pair of "Grey/Volt Camo" Foamposite Ones. Fully equipped with a grey base, the addition of some vibrant volt accents and matching sole inject a bit of life into the classic basketball silhouette. Throw in a well-blended touch of camo and you have what is surely the most subtle graphic Foamposite approach to date. While this potentially upcoming release is obviously of a graphic nature, it does leave a slight slither of hope that the powers that be may just be moving back towards a solid colored path. There still isn’t any word on when all of you sneakerheads can expect to see these joints release but we have a feeling that word will break a lot sooner than later, so don’t be surprised if you see Nike squeeze these in before the year is over. 


[Photos via kicksordie]

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