Cristiano Ronaldo received a new pair of cleats from Nike over the weekend, but apparently that isn’t enough to help the Real Madrid star get ready for Portugal’s World Cup playoff against Sweden next month—so he’s decided to ramp up the training with his very own Cryotherapy chamber.

According to Spanish news source El Mundo, Cristiano has installed a Cryotherapy chamber in his luxury apartment, the Villa (where the majority of Real Madrid players reside), after getting hooked on the treatment system earlier in the year. After all, why waste time going to a clinic when you can afford your own 45,000 euro ($61,500) futuristic device, right?

Somewhat of a glorified ice bath, the chamber works by exposing the body to temperatures nearing -328°F for two to three minutes. As a result, the bitter cold environment releases endorphins, thus stimulating muscle regeneration to help with recovery after training.

From the looks of it, Ronaldo seems to have a hold on this recovery thing. All that’s left to do is to help his Portugal squad advance against Sweden so he can pack up his Cyrotherapy chamber and put it on a plane bound for Rio.

[El Mundo]

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