We as sneakerheads are obviously not strangers when it comes to copping kicks. With all the new heat that has been released up to this point in 2013, we think it’s safe to say that with each weekend, it becomes harder and harder for us to keep our funds in our pockets. Aside from the regular retail prices already set by the companies, we as sneakerheads also have to deal with the outrageous prices that resellers are charging just to cop the kicks we want. In an effort to keep some extra money in your pockets when it comes to copping some new kicks and getting a little bit more bang for your buck, Finish Line has got some sale heat just waiting to be picked up. We’ve already done the work and compiled a list of all the dope kicks that are still around at great prices. Now all you have to do is check out the 10 Dope Sneakers Available For Under Retail at Finish Line Right Now.