According to the AP, a Romanian lawyer has been fined 5,000 lei ($1,148) for wearing sneakers under his robe. 

Defense lawyer Catalin Dancu was fined the maximum amount on Tuesday for showing up late and wearing sneakers to a case in which he is defending five defendants being tried for the theft of seven paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Monet, among others, which were stolen in October from the Kunsthal gallery in Rotterdam. Dancu showed up wearing blue jeans and a pair of blue suede adidas. 

Dancu said, "I am scented, shaved and fresh," and claimed he was tardy because he was held up in another courtroom. "I am going to contest this fine," he said. Dancu didn't specify whether he was addicted to fresh or fresh to death but both can be assumed, considering he had the balls to show up in court wearing a pair of adidas that would be impossible to not notice.

He also said his adidas cost 200 euros ($264), which means he surely isn't familiar with Kicks Deals.

No word on how many sneakers Dancu has in his collection.

[via akaTRENT]