For those who are unfamiliar, FiveTen is a footwear company that is leading the pack in comfortable climbing and mountain bike shoes. They create new and innovative technology for you whether you're reaching your goals vertically or on the beaten path. Not only do they attack climbing and mountain biking, they also are work with other dangerous sports - from wing suit flying to kayaking. Their cutting edge technology has even made it on to the big screen, helping Tom Cruise climb the tallest building in the world made of glass.

One of their most influential technical innovations is called Stealth MI6. "It is an entirely new class of rubber. It has a crazy soft durometer but with durability,”according to Nancy Bouchard, communications director and athlete adviser at FiveTen. The team has a few shoes in the market that using the gummy and extra sticky rubber.

One shoe is the FiveTen’s Team VXI shoe. It has a synthetic-suede upper and a single Velcro strap. The Five Ten crew markets the shoe stating: “as if you had hands for feet”.

The Freerider VXi Elements shoes,are for the bikers that are looking for cushioning with the properties of shock absorption and vibration-dampening qualities.

You can head over to FiveTen to find more products and grab yourself a pair of their well-equipped footwear.


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