Metta World Peace needs your help. He's looking to his fans to help him decide which sneakers to wear for the upcoming season. He says that any brand will do as long as they make his size. Maybe he got a cut from The Game and has some extra spending money, we're not sure. But it seems the New York Knicks forward who has made a history of being a true entertainer is up for any and all new ideas. So you can probably suggest he wear any team color along with his blue and orange jersey and it may happen. Just don't expect him to have the same name by the time he actually wears a pair, because he's thinking about changing it againOne thing is for certain, he probably wasn't asking for Phil Jackson's opinion.

While we're not sure what this means for Ball'n, considering Ron Ron was their only pro athlete, it's probably not a good sign. However, we're hopeful Mr. Peace (or is that Mr. World Peace?) goes the way of Gilbert Arenas and wears some crazy stuff to keep us guessing all season. What do you say, Metta? 

In the meantime, send pics of what you think he should wear this season to him on Twitter and his website.