For a lot of people, the hardest part about the gym is getting there. Finding the motivation and the drive to get yourself to start working out isn't the easiest thing in the world, and we understand that. The soreness, the aches, the pains, it's not all very appealing at first, It's something that you learn to love. But have no fear, because at Sneaker Report we've got just what you need to get up and start. It's time to Get Motivated with These 15 College Football Training Vids . You'll be in the gym grunting and sweating in no time.


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Florida State University

Check out this fan made FSU hype video. It starts out with their loosing highlights to Florida U and their hard work to rally back for a winning season. The Any Given Sunday speech in the background is a nice touch.

College Mash Up

Just a montage of all different college teams puting in work on the turf. The video lines up perfect with AWOLNATION's "Sail". Watch for the hit at 0:34. This video is sure to get you pumped.

College Mash Up 2

Another hype video of college teams making huge plays during the 2012-13 season. Six60 "Run for it" followed by Zed Dead's "take a chance" are perfect compliments to the hard hits and big catches.This video will without a doubt get you in the mood to play.

Oregon University

2013 Oregon official hype video. You ready Duck Fans?

Rutgers University

Take a behind the scenes look at how Rutgers get's down in the gym during the off season. Head strength and conditioning coach Jeremy Cole gets the team pumped up and ready to get big. Hopefully the video does the same for you.


Watch LSU - How Bad Do You Want It Part 1 featuring Eric Thomas's "Secret to Success" speech. The first of two videos shows LSU going through all their outdoor speed and agility drills, making sure that not only are they strong in the gym, but fast on the field.


Here's LSU - How Bad Do You Want it Part 2. It continues with the second half of Eric Thomas's speech and the team moves into the weight room.  "You thought it was over? Well it's just getting started"

South Carolina University

Wait until you see how the Gamecocks get down in the gym. You'll be up and packing your gym bag in no time. Check out the players rocking Under Armour's alter ego collection.

Miami University

Have you ever listened to "Til I Collapse" and not found yourself ready to lift? No, cause it's not possible. The Hurricanes know that, and that's why its the background for their intense strength and conditioning motivational video.

Maryland University

Their camera may not be as good as the rest, and the editing sub par, but none the less, the video gets the job done. It motivates you to get off your ass and lift some weights.

Boise State University

Blue turf, blue shirts, blue weights - and a lot of lifting. Watch Boise State's strength and conditioning program. The tug-o-war looks fun.

Indiana University

While most of us spend our winter break going home to visit family and take some time off from school or work, the Hoosiers are working on their game. Their winter workouts will definitely motivate you to start training.

Alabama Strength Coach

Bama must be doing something right. They are a dynasty after all. Maybe its because of Scott Cochran, their head strength and conditioning coach. The dude is constantly screaming, but it looks like it works.

University of Pittsburgh

The season may end in December but Pitt has to get ready for the ACC, so their winter workouts are intense. Check it out.


Aside from all the black and white close-ups of players lifting shirtless, the video shows some intense weight lifting that's sure to help you get in the gym.

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