Name: Jalal Enayah
Age: 22
Location: n/a
Twitter / Instagram: @J_Enayah

What Is Your Favorite Sneaker?:

The Air Jordan VII "Bordeaux" and/or Air Jordan VI "Olympic" 2008. If you asked me this question on a different day you might get a different answer, but I've always been drawn towards these two. Plus they're the two Air Jordans that were released around the time I was born, maybe that has something to do with it. 

How Often Do You Buy New Sneakers?:

Design school is expensive, so it's not as often as I'd like. I probably buy a pair every three or four months.

What's The Most You've Spent On A Pair Of Sneakers?:

Cant remember exactly how much, but somewhere around the $150 mark give or take.

How Many Pairs Of Sneakers Do You Have?:

I have about five or six pairs in my current "rotation." 

Do You Collect A Specific Type Of Sneaker?:

Nope, I'm not that loyal towards any brands. Every brand has good- and bad-looking shoes, I just buy what I like.

Have You Ever Sold A Pair Of Sneakers?:

Not that I can remember. 

How Often Do You Look At Sneakers On The Internet?:

Everyday, it's currently a part of my job as footwear design Intern. 

What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear The Term Sneakerhead?:

A couple of my friends come to mind that are truly sneakerheads. I don't think I'm there yet. 

What Are Your Feelings On The State Of Sneakers Right Now?:

I think it's an exciting time for the footwear world. Manufacturing processes are always evolving, and new materials keep getting introduced so it's going to be exciting to see what comes from it all.


I think it's an exciting time for the footwear world.


Also, as time passes the creativity level just keeps getting higher and higher so I think you're going to see a lot of really cool stuff and probably some really ugly stuff as well.

What Has Changed About Sneakers In The Last 5/10/20 Years To You?:

It has really become its own culture. Besides the advancements in the design aspect of footwear, the appreciation and infatuation people have for shoes keeps growing. There are so many different styles and types of shoes that everybody can find something they like. Nowadays you can take a look at what shoes somebody is wearing and it might tell you a little something about them.

What Would You Like To See Change In The Future?:

Hopefully in the future nobody will be getting shot or mugged for the shoes they're wearing. Besides that I look forward to witnessing and being a part of the evolution of the footwear culture and industry.