Name: Drew Little
Age: 21
Location: n/a
Twitter / Instagram: @drizzygotem

What Is Your Favorite Sneaker?:

Air Jordan II.

How Often Do You Buy New Sneakers?:

Every three months or so.

What's The Most You've Spent On A Pair Of Sneakers?:

$250, multiple times.

How Many Pairs Of Sneakers Do You Have?:

I've been practicing quality over quantity, so I'm usually not going to buy a pair unless I really love it, but my Jordan rotation consists of about four pairs dating back to '01.

Do You Collect A Specific Type Of Sneaker?:

Been in love with Jordans since my youth, shout out to Mom for keeping me laced. 

Have You Ever Sold A Pair Of Sneakers?:

Plenty of times. 

How Often Do You Look At Sneakers On The Internet?:

Every moment, pretty much.

What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear The Term Sneakerhead?:

Tired of hearing it. 

What Are Your Feelings On The State Of Sneakers Right Now?:

I appreciate shoes just as much as the next man, but I think buyers these days should really consider why they're about to throw $300-plus on a pair of shoes. Is it for the hype or recognition you'll potentially receive for these shoes, or are you emotionally connected to the design and aesthetics?


This influx of retro product will die down eventually and I'm excited to see what's coming next...


What Has Changed About Sneakers In The Last 5/10/20 Years To You?:

Oversaturation; the same shoes were coming out 10 years ago and people weren't buying them the way they do now. This influx of retro product will die down eventually and I'm excited to see what's coming next in the footwear design world and how it will be picked up by consumers. Then it really comes down to pure, emotional design: no more, no less. 

What Would You Like To See Change In The Future?:

I would like to see people wake up and see what's really at stake for a pair of shoes. People are dying because of pair of shoes and it's ridiculous to even think about. Is it all really worth it?