Category: Football
Best For: The player who loves his lateral game
Star Feature: QUICKFRAME Outsole Plate
Weight: 9.3

As a former track and field athlete, lacing up some spikes and hitting the turf is nothing new for me. When asked to test the latest and greatest from adidas, I couldn't wait to try out the CrazyQuick Lows, and truthfully, they reminded me of the older adizero Scorch, which were super light low-top cleats that came out back in the day to compete with the Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon. Since I was a fan of the Scorch, I had to see if adidas had continued to up their game with the CrazyQuick.

In order to get a good feel for the cleat and put it through all the proper testing, the first step was to hit up Cornell Key of Key 2 Sports Training and run through some drills.  These CrazyQuick cleats were surprisingly awesome, and delivered a very satisfying performance. Their lateral game was on point, along with the responsiveness to quick feet drills during ladders and cones. This cleat is also super light— so light, you’ll be effortlessly driving your knees to chest. It took a few run throughs to adjust to the weight on your foot, but once you’re comfortable you’re all set.

After some warm-ups, the workout begins with speed hurdles, and continued into ladders, cones, and then ended with a few 20-yard shuttles. The cleat shined in all areas, especially with the cones and shuttles. These CrazyQuicks also come with a QUICKFRAME outsole plate which has three different spikes, all of which work in their own way. All training was done on turf and the cleat responded flawlessly to it. The cleat had a whole lot of grip and added tremendous spring to my step. The track plate was real hard and durable, but had enough give to help propel your foot forward. The four massive spikes running along the outside of the sole allowed the cleat to really stick, grip and handle all your lateral movements in the shuttle. They also provided a lot of grip when rounding cones. Running the 20 yard shuttle was no different. There’s instant recognition of the grip CrazyQuick gives when planting and preparing for a direction change. Then a slight spring forward from a push off, gives a nice extra pop to your first step allowing you to really get your knee up in your initial drive-phase.

This cleat was just about a mid-top, which is a definite plus, even though adidas doesn’t market it as a ¾top. The upper of the cleat was extremely comfortable and covered a fair amount of ankle which in a way gives a slight physiological edge in lateral ability. More so than with a soccer inspired low top. This allowed for more confidence in the cleats support, so there’s no fear or hesitation when planting and changing direction. This cleat was also super snug and narrow which kept it tight and allowed for little side to side movement. The Techfit tongue feels like a nice cushioned sock, letting you pull the laces a lot tighter without any discomfort.  It gave the cleat a more natural feel up top.

This cleat is also true to size, i normally train in an 8.5, but these were a 9 so no surprise there was some back and forth movement. This made quick sprints and speed hurdles a bit more difficult, but nothing too serious. Hurdle drills simply consist of anywhere from three to five quick hops over a small hurdle, followed by a quick 10 yard sprint. Other than the size, there was no other complaints while training.

One last positive feedback I have about the CrazyQuick Cleat is the ability to insert an adidas Micoach chip into the sole. This chip is definitely something to take advantage of. The fact that you can track and review workouts is nothing but beneficial. As a competitive athlete, this specific feature is really going to help improve your game.

Bottom Line: If you're in the market for a lightweight, low top cleat, the adidas CrazyQuick Low is more than qualified to get the job done. They seem to work for RGIII so they must do something right!


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