Affiliation: Sole Collector
Twitter: @_NDP
Grail: Nike Zoom Flight
Released: 1995

The shoe that got me into shoes was the Zoom Flight '95. Jason Kidd was my favorite player, Eric Avar I'd later find out was my favorite designer, and ever since the very first time I saw them on the Foot Locker wall during the 6th grade, I knew the Zoom Flight '95 was my favorite shoe. Except I never could get a pair when they originally came out. (Moms wasn't feeling the price. Hearing "HELL NO" made things pretty clear when I asked for them. I ended up getting the Thrill Flight instead once they went on sale at Mervyn's, which were just under my $50 budget.) That all changed when I was in college and in 2004 realized there was this thing called PayPal that I could link my debit card to. A size 14 OG Mavs colorway was my very first pair off eBay, bought for $108 shipped. For the next five years, I bought as many original pairs as I could whenever they'd pop up. With all of the Retros that have since dropped, I think I'm up to 17 pairs now, and they're still my very favorite shoe all these years later.