From our weird habits that nobody gets to the screwed up perception that mainstream media has of us, sneakerheads are a misunderstood breed. Last night, the buzz of the sneaker community wasn't focused on its usual NBA basketball game, but rather, ABC's Nightline. Darren Rovell did a feature on sneakerheads, following around a 15-year-old sneakerhead from Jersey. He also talked to Quickstrike co-host, DJ Clark Kent. Most of the sneaker community was prepared for disappointment, which is no surprise, considering the history of negative mainstream news stories that paint a picture that represents a small fraction of the people that are into sneakers. While the segment was limited to under 10 minutes, it touched on a part of sneakers that exists, whether we like it or not. Now, as for how the piece portrayed sneakerheads, there as plenty of hate, appreciation and ignorance that describes the story perfectly and some of the most entertaining Tweets come directly from Rovell himself. Check out Twitter Reacts to Darren Rovell's Sneakerhead Story on Nightline and leave us a comment and tell us how you feel about it. 

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