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Marek Hamsik

No. 10 - Marek Hamšík x Nike Vapor IX

Current Club: Napoli (Italy)

One player who has really developed this season is Napoli’s Marek Hamšík.  Personally, I am a fan of Hamšík direct style of play. He is a driving force who likes to break into the box at every opportunity. This season ha amassed an impressive 21 assists and is on the verge of breaking into double digit for goals.

Speed and the ability to move with pace is a big part of Hamšík’ game, but he is the one player on the list who hasn’t finalized his preferred model. Early in the season he was wearing the Tiempo IV, but he currently wears the Vapor IX. The Mercurial Vapor makes an ideal companion, with the thin microfiber upper offering a very fluid feel on the ball. Given the fact that he sported a Mohawk for most of last season, the bright and vivid colorways that Nike employ also seemingly suit his personal, wild taste.


Andrea Pirlo

No. 9 - Andrea Pirlo x Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Current Club: Juventus (Italy)

Over the past few seasons, Pirlo has started to take on a different role on the pitch. He now sits a little deeper and is almost a holding midfielder. Yet, when he gets involved in the attack things happen and he definitely deserves to be recognized for his raw ability.

I’m not calling the Tiempo Legend an old man’s boot, but they certainly are a choice that appeals to the more mature style of player. They feature that soft leather like upper and there is a level of consistency about them that leaves players singing praise for their natural comfort level. This is exactly what Pirlo needs and matches his simple, no-nonsense, “let’s just get the job done” style.


Eden Hazard

No. 8 - Eden Hazard x Nike Vapor IX

Current Club: Chelsea (England)

One of the most obvious things about Chelsea this season was the fact that their midfield line had to take on a lot of the goal scoring responsibilities this season, and that is why we see Hazard join Mata on this list. Hazard’s introduction to English soccer this season has been nothing less than impressive. His ability to take on players, create opportunities and score goals has been a revelation and there is no avoiding the fact that he will get better!

You won’t be surprised to hear that Hazard wears the Mercurial Vapor range – they absolutely suit his style to a tee. Hazard has abilities that you associate with wingers; he has speed, the ability to tear defenders apart when 1 on 1 and he loves to break into the box. The Vapor is all about speed and accelerating. Definitely a perfect partnership!


Toni Kroos

No. 7 - Toni Kroos x adidas adiPure 11Pro

Current Club: Bayern Munich (Germany)

A very technically adept midfielder, Kroos is another one that could easily charge his way to the top of this list as he evolves as a player. With time, many think he will be one of the best No. 10’s to wear the German jersey, which says a lot. His speed of player is top notch and there are no doubts that he knows how to create openings for other players.

Considering he has the ability to sit a little deeper in midfield, the Adidas adiPure 11Pro seems to be a pretty solid choice for Kroos. Constructed to be a boot that offers more consistency than anything else, they provide a solid platform for Kroos to build his game off. Plus, what would a top 10 list be without a German player wearing a German company’s boots!


Santi Cazorla

No. 6 - Santi Cazorla x adidas adiPure 11Pro

Current Club: Arsenal (England)

Cazorla is another Spaniard who has taken to the English game in style and has really imposed his attacking presence on the league. Playing just behind the forward line, Cazorla not only has the ability to pick out a killer pass but he also demonstrates a keen eye for goal. When not striking 20 yard top corner shots, he is hitting some impressive dead balls.

Seen to be more of natural center midfielder’s boot, Cazorla sports the Adidas adiPure 11Pro. But, he has taken them out of their comfort zone and made them the ideal boot for his attacking style of play. He has a tendency to be involved all over the pitch and his work rate has been recognized by his peers. The adiPure 11Pro is definitely an excellent comfort option, while the leather upper provides a natural feel on the ball.



No. 5 - Xavi x adidas Predator LZ

Current Club: Barcelona (Spain)

Xavi’s ability to consistently find a pass is what makes him one of the best attacking midfielders in the game. There have been games recently where his pass percentage was an extraordinary 100%. He is a creator who has the ability to hold the ball and keep possession.

As the boot design with multiple functions in mind, Xavi is probably the best suited player for wearing the Predator LZ. He is a multi-functional player and the 5 Lethal Zones all contribute to his game in some way.


Mesut Ozil

No. 4 - Mesut Ozil x Nike Vapor IX

Current Club: Real Madrid (Spain)

When Cristiano Ronaldo is not the one grabbing all the headlines for Real Madrid, Mesut Ozil is probably one of the only other players who is! The tricky attacking mid has attained a solid reputation on both the domestic and international front in recent times and his ability to make things happen is often highly impressive. Ozil is more craft that the other players on this list, with his ability to move off the ball being one of his key characteristics.

Another one of the Mercurial Vapor clan, Ozil has the look of a player who suits the speed boot mold. Plus the lightweight nature of the boots help him move with pace whether on or off the ball, they weigh in at 6.6oz.


Juan Mata

No. 3 - Juan Mata x adidas Predator LZ

Current Club: Chelsea (England)

What a season Juan Mata is coming off – his ability to create opportunities as well as score goals leaves his sitting as one of the best attacking midfielder currently in England. Chelsea fans adore the little Spaniard who has continually progressed his game over the past few seasons.

Mata is another player to take to the Adidas Predator LZ and he has the ability to make them look extremely stylish. The one aspect of the current Predator range that plays to his strengths is the lightweight nature of the boot. At 8.0oz, the boots offer a light feel and allow Mata the opportunity to really dazzle with his quick feet and nimble style of play.


Thomas Mueller

No. 2 - Thomas Mueller x adidas Predator LZ

Current Club: Bayern Munich (Germany)

Right at this moment, many would place Mueller as the top attacking midfielder in the world, considering Bayern Munich’s dominance this season. They cake-walked the league and dispatched of Barcelona in devastating fashion recently. I’m definitely a fan of Mueller’s direct style of play, but he still has some development if he wants to catch Iniesta!

On his feet, Mueller takes advantage of the Adidas Predator LZ and their lethal zones. With the added technology placed across different areas of the boot, it allows Mueller to be slightly more adventurous on the ball.


Andres Iniesta

No. 1 - Andres Iniesta x Nike CTR360 Maestri III

Current Club: Barcelona (Spain)

I am a firm believer that the relationship between Iniesta and Messi doesn’t get highlighted enough. In fact, it is the partnership between them that really sets Barcelona apart as one of the best attacking teams in the world. Iniesta has the ability to score goals and also be a proficient provider, knowing when and where to play the ball at the right time.

Contributing to his attacking abilities is the Nike CTR360 Maestri III, a range that Iniesta has worn consistently over the past few years. Nike has strategically labeled the CTR360 Maestri range as a playmakers boot and all the advertising we see for them is geared toward the attacking mid style player. It seems to be the ideal choice for Iniesta, with the lateral control zone adding an extra dimension to how he approaches the ball.

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