In this era of tech-infused training gear and workout apps designed to make training easier and more manageable, even pro athletes are getting into the mix with their very own workout apps.

On Friday, March 15th, World No. 1-ranked female tennis player Serena Williams will launch her own training app powered by the Nike Training Club. Called CorePower, Serena’s workout app is all about building a strong core as a foundation upon which to build a lean and strong body.

The 15-minute training app includes basic exercises done with stability balls and resistance bands, making them great for athletes of all types, and can be done anytime, anywhere.

"When I'm on the road and need a quick workout, I can do an NTC in my hotel room, Williams told the Telegraph. “If I feel like I need something extra after a training session, I can target a specific muscle group with the 15 minute workouts."


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