If you’re looking to get faster on the gridiron this season, the adidas adiZero 5-Star 2.0 cleat can help.

As one of the lightest pieces of footwear to ever hit the football field, the 5-Star 2.0 is designed for quick lateral movements and multidirectional maneuverability. The cleat is available in both a low-top and a mid-top silhouette, and is made for skill positions like quarterbacks, wideouts, running backs, and DBs.

The cleat features an ultra-light SprintSkin upper that reduces the weight of the shoe and provides support through an external SprintWeb support frame. Its heel cup looks the foot firmly in place so there’s no slippage on the field. Lastly, the 5-Star 2.0 features triangular Traxion studs designed to rip through both natural (grass) and synthetic (turf) surfaces with great ease.

The mid-top version seen above is priced at $120, with the low-top model coming in at $110.

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