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Puma is fine-tuning its focus on the performance category this year.

To follow the introduction of the BioWeb, the brand unveiled the Mobium running shoe and the ACTV / RCVR apparel duo for an innovative boost (more on the apparel later). The Mobium is Puma's first move into adaptive footwear, or a shoe that will adapt as the foot expands longitudinally, laterally, and vertically to encourage a natural ride on a midfoot strike. 

While this may not seem that shocking in today's world of natural running and innovative performance concepts, Sneaker Report is most intrigued by the "Mobium Band" that runs along the outside of the outsole to work dynamically like the tendons of the foot. Think of the reaction of a rubber band when force is applied and then released, a spring-like reaction occurs. This is the basic concept of this unexpected outsole band, something we've never seen in a running shoe.

The Mobium will be available beginning in Feburary 2013 for $110, so keep it locked for release updates and a fuller story on the Puma's latest performance offerings.

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