Megan Says: It's worth taking a risk on a first date to get a girl's attention and these K1X kicks fit the bill. The third collaboration between K1X and artist Patrick Mohr remixes the DCAC silhouette with exaggerated details all over the suede shoe, including a triangle piece that can be worn as jewelry. While I find them over-designed, there's no chance I'd forget a guy wearing these shoes.

Tina Says: Want to look hot on heart day? Here you go. I've been in love with these ever since I spotted them on someone out of the corner of my eye at a convention, and then went all bounty hunter and tracked the dude down. I can't even imagine a dude looking bad in them, an instant step-up in my eyes. Besides looking hot in them I love the detailing, the out-of-the-box thinking, and the overall unique aura. Swoon!