Lyrics: "Since I came in the door became one of y'all leaders/In a fresh pair Air Force One sneakers/Uptowns we call 'em uppies when they're on divas"
Artist: Kanye West, KRS-One, Nas, Rakim
Track Title: "Classic (Better Than I've Ever Been)" Remix

Hip-hop was just coming up by the time the first Ones came out in 1982. Twenty-five years later, hip-hop solidified itself as a force in the mainstream while Bruce Kilgore rose to iconic status. What better way to pay tribute to an essential by putting five legends (including DJ Premier) on one track. The four emcees from different generations had dope verses, but perhaps Rakim showed just how classic those uptowns are when he shouted out his co-artists: "Probably worn when KRS-One teaches/Nas made you look before the heaters/I bet you Kan' had 'em on when he walked with Jesus." He covers a 20-year timespan with a shoe that may be around for 25 more. The uptowns are classics however you refer to them.