Year: 2008

The Air Max 90's power in Europe can't be underestimated - ravers, hardrocks and casual shoe wearers all picked up pairs and the popularity's been there since they debuted. Europe's had many many exclusives (a wealth of white, greys and navy editions and black and gum soled variants) and had access to some Europe/Asia classics that bypassed the States in the early 2000s, but these 2008 editions, exclusive to JD Sports had people bugging out. Based on the original White/Hot Coral women's colorway from 1990, which also inspired the Foot Locker Mesa Oranges from 2002, the Sunburst is a middle ground between both those shoes, with that bolder orange swoosh. Nobody seemed to be able to retro the OG properly and the byproduct is three extremely collectible shoes.