Year: 2011

Do we call Jordans Nikes any more? This gets included anyway. When the Quai 54 Jordan 9 dropped in 2010, new jacks hadn't started pretending they knew about that shoe yet and the color was dull, but when this 5 appeared at European Foot Lockers in 2011, the hype began. Made to coincide with the Parisian streetball tournament, that neon accent on white (and the white is better than the Hyperstrike black editions) is how a new Jordan colorway should be done. Unlike those monstrous Euro-only Miro VIIs, these were impeccable and it was refreshing to be able to go to NYC and get the "YO!" from the other side of the street followed by a loud footwear query. After a will-they or won't-they drama, America was denied these.