Week 11 of the NFL was all about the quarterbacks. Whether it was by choice or by circumstance, teams around the league decided to air it out—resulting in one of the more exciting weeks of the football season. Leading the way for the gunslingers was Houston Texans' quarterback Matt Schaub, who threw for 527 yards and five touchdowns to help his team pull out a close overtime victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Guys like Tom Brady and Robert Griffin III also light up their respective opponents to continue their hot streak going. Of course going with a pass-happy game plan, the QBs needed receivers to, well, catch the ball. For the Texans, it was Andre Johnson's time to shine, who was on the receiving end of over half of Schaubs's passing yards. But Justin Blackmon, who happened to be playing against Johnson and the Texans, decided to go toe-to-toe with the superstar receiver--putting up over 200 receiving yards of his own. If you're more of an old school fan who is all lining it up and running the rock, well, Week 11 wasn't for you. But we did learn one thing about the running back position: Doug Martin showed he's the real deal by putting up yet another 100+ yard rushing performance for Tampa Bay.

Check out the following list of the top performers from Week 11, and the cleats that helped to shine.

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Player: Matt Schaub (Texans)
Position: QB
Cleat: Nike Lunar Superbad Pro TD
Stats: 43-for-55/ 527 Yds/ 5 TDs

Player: Tom Brady (Patriots)
Position: QB
Cleat: Under Armour
Stats: 24-for-35/ 331 Yds/ 3 TDs

Player: Doug Martin (Buccaneers)
Position: RB
Cleat: Nike Vapor Talon Elite Low
Stats: 24 Rushes for 138 Yds

Player: Justin Blackmon (Jaguars)
Position: WR
Cleat: Nike Vapor Talon Elite 3/4
Stats: 7 Rec/ 236 Yds/ 1 TD

Player: Robert Griffin III (Redskins)
Position: QB
Cleat: adidas adiZero 5 Star
Stats: 14-for-15/ 200 Yds/ 4 TDs

Player: Andre Johnson (Texans)
Position: WR
Cleat: Jordan Super.Fly
Stats: 14 Rec/ 273 Yds/ 1TD

Player: Chad Henne (Jaguars)
Position: QB
Cleat: Nike Lunar SuperBad Pro TD
Stats: 14-for-15/ 200 Yds/ 4 TDs

Player: LaRod Stephens-Howling (Cardinals)
Position: RB
Cleat: adidas adiZero 5-Star
Stats: 22 Rushes for 127 Yds and 1 TD

Player: Rob Gronkowski (Patriots)
Position: TE
Cleat: Nike Zoom Alpha Talon
Stats: 7 Rec/ 137 Tds/ 2 TDs

Player: Dez Bryant (Cowboys)
Position: WR
Cleat: Jordan Speed Jet TD
Stats: 12 Rec/ 145 Yds/ 1 TD