With the conclusion of the Summer Games last night in London, we're reminded that the Olympics can be trusted to supply an variety of what-were-they-thinking moments and equally crazy get-ups. Maybe it's a Lost in Translation situation, or perhaps in these cases function trumps the aesthetic result. No matter what the reason, here is a look back at the most outrageous outfits from the Olympics, present and past. And with that, see you in Rio!

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Athlete(s): United States Olympic Team

Event: Seoul Olympics Parade of Nations

Year: 1988

Goofy glasses are deemed more acceptable during drunkenness while ringing in the New Year, but these Olympic glasses deserve a pass.

Athlete(s): Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo-Jo)

Event: Seoul Olympics 100m Relay Trials & 100m Relay Race

Year: 1988

Flo-Jo's signature single leg singlet and pants combo was the most outrageous in the bubble gum pink color way, and she brought home the gold in the aerodynamic hooded outfit.

Athlete(s): Morocco Olympic Team

Event: Barcelona Olympics Parade of Nations

Year: 1992

Capes galore from Morocco in what looks like a Robin Hood theme from the Olympic team.

Athlete(s): Japan Olympic Team

Event: Sydney Olympics Parade of Nations

Year: 2000

More capes but in several colors to pay homage to the five Olympic rings.

Athlete(s): Cathy Freeman

Event: Sydney Olympics 400m Relay Race

Year: 2000

Beware the hood! Cathy Freeman secured the gold medal for the home country crowd in the outfit that wouldn't be taken seriously until you see Freeman cross the line first.

Athlete(s): Japan Olympic Team

Event: Athens Olympics Parade of Nations

Year: 2004

The Japanese Olympic Team one-upped their Sydney Olympics outfits with a look inspired by flowers.

Athlete(s): Yun Ok Hee

Event: Beijing Olympics Archery Event

Year: 2008

Hee took her Archery outfit up a notch with an awesome custom design, which looked even better with her gold medal.

Athlete(s): Czech Republic Olympic Team

Event: London Olympics Parade of Nations

Year: 2012

The Czech Republic Olympic Team had an interesting way of showing solidarity and unity when they walked the parade in royal blue wellies. In fear of London's legendary cloudy skies?

Athlete(s): Ivan Perez

Event: London Olympics Parade of Nations

Year: 2012

Water Polo player, Ivan Perez, donned a pink wig for the hell of it as he walked the parade to the cheers of the London crowd.

Athlete(s): Anja Nyffeler & Pamela Fischer

Event: London Olympics Synchronized Swimming Event

Year: 2012

Swiss synchronized swimmers, Anja Nyffeler and Pamela Fischer, had the most outrageous look with an outfit inspired by a baller's stacks on stacks on stacks.