When it comes to basketball movies, nothing out there messes with Spike Lee's He Got Game. The flick dropped in 1998 and seemed like the realness — a number-one prospect going through bribes, girls, and keeping the love of the game above everything else. Add the scenario of raising your sister alone after your father murdered your mother and donning such a biblical name — Jesus. If you haven't already peeped it, get your ass to your local Best Buy and grab a copy immediately. For those of you that have, you already know that the film goes hard with some classic basketball shoes from the '96-97 era as well as a few other rare finds. We break out our guide series for Jesus Shuttlesworth and one of the greatest sports movies of all time. You can catch all of the shoes from the film after the jump and do your best if you're watching along not to get caught up with the assistant coaches at Tech U. Click here to check out A Complete Guide To Spike Lee's 'He Got Game'.