Still have some last-minute holiday shopping to do for a sneaker freak in your circle? If they don't already have it, Do The Right Thing is a must for any DVD/Blu-Ray collection. The flick dropped in 1989 and represented everything that was going down in do-or-die Bed-Stuy. Do The Right Thing is a classic cinematic piece directed, produced, written, and starred in by the New York Knickerbockers number one fan, Spike Lee. In the late '80s, fashion was all about the loud tank tops and baseball jerseys paired with a fresh pair of kicks. No matter what problems were going down in the neighborhood or what differences there were between races, one thing was for sure — everyone had to stay laced in something nice from Js to Cortezs. Complex takes you back to the era when Jordans cost you $100 ($108 with tax!) and a slice and a Coke was $2.50 — damn those were the days. Click here to see our gallery of A Complete Sneaker Guide To Spike Lee's 'Do The Right Thing'.