Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Year(s): 1986

The adidas Superstar was always part of Run DMC's uniform, but their partnership with adidas is an interesting story. It starts in Hollis, Queens during the early '80s. Run DMC hit the scene with a new style and look which is anchored by the Adidas Superstar sneaker. A lot of hip hop performers of the time were getting into costume to perform, but these guys were appearing at shows and on television in the same outfits they were wearing in the streets. What were they wearing in the streets of Hollis at the time? Shell toes with no shoe strings in 'em. So these guys start to blow up and tour the world and notice that everywhere they go, every kid is wearing adidas. Russell Simmons (being the genius that he is), tells the group that they need to record a track about “Me and my adidas standing on two-fifth”. They record the track and it appears on the 1986 "Raising Hell" album along with the chartbuster collaboration "Walk This Way." Next thing that happens is Run DMC records a homemade video of them reciting the "My adidas" lyrics while showing off their sneakers and telling the brand that they want a $1 million contract.

In 1986, Adidas brand executives awarded Run DMC that $1 million deal after they were invited to a concert at a sold-out Madison Square Garden. The band performed "My adidas" while 20,000 raging fans all held their sneakers in their air and rhymed along with them. This event marked the first endorsement deal between a sneaker company and non-athletic performer, and solidified the eternal bond between hip-hop and athletic footwear.