Japanese designer and all out curator, Dr. Romanelli adds another notch to his already impressive line up of collaborative efforts. This time linking with the iconic Converse and long time America cartoon character, Beetle Bailey. The shoe, being ultimately based around the 1950's originated persona, embodies many aspects of just what Bailey represented—a loose yet hard headed, military minded individual who had a problem with authority.

With the chosen silhouette being the Converse All Star Bosey, it didn't take much to toughen that piece up, but the additions worked to perfection. The upper mirrors that of familiar army gear, obtaining a worn, outdoorsy aesthetic. Also implementing a rubber toe cap and multiple leather reinforcements, the shoe comes out just as tough and thick as Bailey's head. And can't forget the comic twist (literally), as the inner lining dawns just that, Beetle Bailey comic strip. Look for a release rather soon as the collaboration is being presented this month during Project NYC 2011.

-Jonathan Sawyer