YouTuber MrBeast, perhaps best known for his often expensive and elaborate stunts, has debuted his video documenting a real-life Squid Game event.

After announcing the stunt last month and teasing all the intricate sets he and his team built, MrBeast shared a nearly 26-minute video showing how 456 “random people” fared in an event based on the wildly popular Netflix series.

“I recreated every single step from Squid Game in real-life,” he opened the video.

The winner of the games walked away with $456,000, and it all kicked off with red light/green light.

“Every single player has a device strapped to them, that when they’re eliminated it pops,” he added upon confirming the first person to be eliminated from the game.  

Over 200 people got eliminated in the first round alone, and it only got more competitive among the contestants as it progressed.

This is easily the most elaborate Squid Game tribute we’ve seen so far, making Chrissy Teigen’s theme party look pedestrian in comparison.

Check out MrBeast’s Squid Game video above.