The virality was fast and furious for Vin Diesel after being made the subject of a 3D model-focused joke on Thursday.

For the beginning of this tale, we turn to the official Twitter account of the New York City location of Alamo Drafthouse. On Thursday afternoon, the account shared an image of what they joked was a “3D model” showing what “the first human being created by God” could have potentially looked like. The image itself, which carries an immediately noted resemblance to Diesel, was (again jokingly) credited to “scientists” at Princeton University.

In an equally lighthearted follow-up tweet, the Alamo Drafthouse NYC team reminded those who may or may not have been genuinely confused by the image that their establishment is indeed “a movie theater, not an academic journal.”

Several enjoyers of the meme, meanwhile, added to the pile-on by extending the joke a bit further. See a small sampling of that in action below.

Of course, Diesel isn’t the first to have found themselves at the center of 3D model memery. Others have also been met with the same honor, including the late Andre the Giant.

At the time of this writing, Diesel had not publicly commented on his current state of memery. In May, Diesel and company will roll back into theaters with Fast X, which earlier this year saw Brie Larson added to its ensemble cast.