A video showing Chet Hanks with a bloodied face during what appears to be a violent altercation with an ex named Kiana Parker has surfaced online.

TMZ reports the video was filmed at Hanks’ property in Sugarland, Texas on Jan. 8. In the clip, filmed by Hanks, Parker can be seen taking a swipe at him after he asked, “You’re threatening me with a knife?”

The next part of the video shows 30-year-old Hanks walking around with a wound on his head, which he points to and adds, “This bitch just attacked me with a knife.” Parker instantly replies, “No I didn’t.” Someone else in the home can be heard agreeing that Parker did not attack him with a knife. “You pushed me,” Parker said.

“Wow, now you’re trying to flip the story,” Hanks replied.

The video comes after it was revealed months ago that Parker had gotten a restraining order against the Your Honor actor, who is somehow also the son of Tom Hanks. “She’s mad ’cause I caught her stealing. Stealing my money,” Hanks claims in the video. “Taking my credit cards and charging her rent to ’em, other shit like that.”

According to a filing via the Fort Bend County website, Parker applied for a restraining order on Jan. 12, 2021. She claimed one of the multiple incidents that went down between Oct. 2020 and Jan. 2021 saw him fling her across a New Orleans hotel room, which he has denied in legal docs. Hanks filed a lawsuit against Parker over the January incident depicted in the video above.

The one-time rapper has claimed the fight started after he told Parker he wanted to break up, believing she stole thousands of dollars from him. He alleged that three men showed up to his property that day, one of whom flashed a gun at him. Hanks is suing Parker for assault, battery, and theft, and is asking for the money to be returned. Parker said that’s not how the situation went down, that she was instead there with movers and Hanks later attacked her in the street.

Chet Hanks has not directly addressed the allegations on social media, and is currently busy focusing on “White Boy Summer.”