Country: Denmark
Director: Mikkel Nørgaard
Stars: Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen, Marcuz Jess Petersen, Mia Lyhne

Clearly, jokes about little wieners and masturbation are universally appealing. Powered by the raunchiness of the edgiest of Hollywood comedies (think The Hangover), and shot with a stripped-down aesthetic reminiscent of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, the inappropriately riotous Klown tailor-made for stateside audiences.

The catch is, though, that writers, and stars, Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen, along with director Mikkel Norgaard, pull of the hard-R-rated laughs with a shrewd intelligence, treating their characters (two well-meaning, middle-aged troublemakers on a sex-minded canoe trip with a little boy) with care, while also never letting a good sex-with-a-fat-chick gag go to waste.

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