Hollywood is the land of endless opportunity for young and ambitious actors. With drive, enthusiasm, and of course, talent,  the world of fame and fortune can be yours, even at a young age.

It’s not easy task to be taken seriously as an actor in your 20s, though; you have much more to prove than someone who has been in the business for decades. But over the years, a select few up-and-coming actors have shown us that they have the craft, charisma, and straight-up star quality to become the greats of their generation.

Unfortunately, roles for younger performers can sometimes be shallow, and lack the depth of a part written for an older actor with a resume full of iconic films and television shows. Younger actors are always on the hunt for that perfect breakout role to elevate them from kid actor to movie star. For some, the pressure to transform from a teen heartthrob to a “serious actor” can be too much, but others can rise to the occasion and show the world exactly what they are capable of. These actors go on to become full-fledged movie stars and wow audiences with their acting chops in the process.

Each generation has their greats, and lately it feels like those greats are getting younger and younger. Some of the best young actors of all time are living and breathing right in this moment. Here are the best actors in their 20s.

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