Steve Carell wasn’t going to be cheap about his goodbye gifts for the cast of The Office

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, cast members Oscar Nunez and Kate Flannery, alongside creator Greg Daniels, explained all the emotions they felt after filming “Goodbye Michael,” the final two-part episode featuring Michael Scott, which Yahoo labeled its “unofficial finale” before the show’s two years without the big boss. But before everyone’s favorite Scranton star headed to Colorado and left Dunder Mifflin behind, Carell made sure to give his longtime co-stars some treats. 

“When Steve left The Office, he gave everybody a Rolex watch,” she said as she pointed to one on her wrist. “I still wear it. It reminds of me that amazing experience.”  

Oscar also explained the scene where Michael Scott gave his character some creepy-looking scarecrow— something that Steve himself would apparently never do— which he admits to leaving behind on set. 

“I left it at the office,” Nunez admits. “I took a belt and some shoes, I think. I didn’t have anything like that on my desk, except for a real picture of myself and my dog, which I took with me because I brought those with me.” 

Nunez shared that Carell leaving was like the “show being over” and “doing another show without Steve,” noting that his departure was an emotional one a decade ago. But they still had to get through filming. 

“The hardest part was just saying to the actors, ‘This is a comedy show, you can’t cry in every scene with Steve,” Daniels recalled. “Try to care a little bit less.’”

Luckily, though, Office fans have less of a reason to cry with the series being available to stream on Peacock. And to honor Michael’s legacy, even more, they can buy Toby Flenderson’s house, which was actually on the market as of last month, for the sole purpose of egging it.