It appears the egg stain may be gone, but the house that Toby Flenderson once lived in – and Michael Scott angrily threw eggs at – is now for sale for a hefty price. 

The small home that appeared in The Office is indeed real, and while it may look pretty standard, it’s also real pricy. The Los Angeles home in Sherman Oaks is hitting the market for an impressive $1.098 million, according to a TMZ article, which also shows some pretty shots from inside the place. 

Of course, the exterior of the home is historic in its own right, appearing on Season 7 episode ‘Michael’s Last Dundies,’ as everyone’s favorite boss egged his nemisis’ place yelling that Toby “sucks.” 

The home itself is a lot less sucky than Toby, though. 

The location includes its own gates at the front now – likely preventing anybody with a dozen eggs from visiting --, along with some stunning wooden floors and sleek white walls to contrast. While the real Paul Lieberstein, who played Toby during the show’s eight-year run and spent considerable time writing episodes, didn’t actually live in the house, fans of the show might see this one as a national monument.