Squid Game brought in a total of 111 million viewers to Netflix in less than a month, quickly becoming the streamer’s biggest show of all time. It comes as no surprise that soon after its September release, people started looking to the show and its characters for Halloween costume inspiration. So much so that Netflix partnered with retailers like Walmart to sell official Squid Game-inspired costumes. Halloween is quickly approaching and costumes are flying off the shelves, but there’s no need to panic. The characters in the Korean drama have such distinctive outfits and gear that recreating their looks on your own shouldn’t be difficult—and you need to shell out tons of cash for it either. One of the most popular looks people are going for is the green and white tracksuit that the Squid Game participants have to wear during the games. All you need is matching green sweatpants and top combo, a white T-Shirt, and a pair of white sneakers—white slip-on Vans if you want to be specific. 

Another fan favorite is the guards’ outfits, which consist of a mask and a red jumpsuit, similar to the one thousands of people already wore for their Money Heist-inspired ensembles. There are various affordable red jumpsuits online that might just be delivered in time for your SPOOKY SZN celebrations, but if not, there are other options. As long as the mask is right, that’s all that matters. The show’s memes have also been difficult to avoid since the show started blowing up, and the “Red Light, Green Light” doll from the first episode appears in so many of them that she’s bound to be another popular costume this year. Her look doesn’t require much either and can be done with items already in your closet. There’s no question that so many people will be walking around in their best Squid Game looks this year, so it’s time to get creative if you’re aiming for a last-minute DIY costume. So look no further, we got you covered. Scroll below to find some essential items you might need to pull together a Squid Game costume just in time for Oct. 31.