It looks like Netflix has another global hit on their hands with Squid Game. The Korean drama’s first season was released worldwide on Sept. 17, and it has already become one of the streaming giant’s biggest international successes. It shot up into the Top 10 on the platform’s charts when it debuted before becoming Netflix’s most-watched television series. Squid Game has also reportedly become the first Korean series to rank No. 1 on Netflix’s U.S. most-watched list. In the hit show, 456 contestants who are in desperate need of money join a deadly survival game in order to win 45.6 billion Korean won, which is around $38.6 million. Social media users are comparing the show to the Hunger Games and James Wan’s Saw movies. Like those films, the series pits people against each other and places them in deadly situations they have to figure out how to escape from. 

The thriller provides plenty of brutal gore, violence, and suspense, so if you’re into that sort of thing, look no further. It also provides thought-provoking, emotional viewpoints about society, showing how wealth disparity can often lead people to do the unthinkable for money—even at the expense of their own lives. Not even two weeks after its release, the show is already sparking TikTok challenges, building a buzz among Twitter and Instagram users, and being binge-watched by millions around the world. In case you haven’t tuned in just yet and are in need of some more info before diving in, here’s all you need to know about Netflix’s latest hit show Squid Game.