As if we needed any proof that Snoop Dogg is living his best life, The Doggfather himself blessed the internet with a pair of priceless photos on Wednesday. 

In celebration of his granddaughter Cordoba’s second birthday, Snoop took to Instagram to post pictures of himself dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, the beloved character from Pixar’s blockbuster franchise Toy Story

“Grandpa buzz light,” he captioned one picture, which showed him dressed in an inflatable Buzz Lightyear suit and white sneakers.

The second post is highlighted by Snoop Lightyear holding a human-sized balloon of the toy Space Ranger, while his granddaughter looks on in approval. 

It didn’t take long for Snoop’s Buzz Lightyear costume to go viral, sparking a ‘Photoshop Battle’ that’s spawned several hysterical memes, including Snoop Lightyear in toy packaging; a young boy playing with Snoop Lightyear; and Snoop dressed as Buzz with Woody Harrellson dressed as his counterpart, Sheriff Woody.