Seth Rogen’s cannabis lifestyle website Houseplant was an immediate hit in the US—so much so that the actor/entrepreneur was forced to shut down due to high traffic. 

“Well… we have underestimated you once again,” Rogen tweeted. “Due to insane traffic we took the Houseplant site down temporarily while I learn to write code. I’m very sorry if you’ve been waiting. There’s still a lot of products available! I will let you know as soon as it’s up again.”

Thankfully for fans, the site was back up by Thursday afternoon; however, visitors are now required to enter a waiting room to prevent another crash.

Rogen originally launched Houseplant back in 2019 in Canada, alongside co-founders James Weaver, Alex McAtee, and Michael Mohr. The company sells bespoke strains of marijuana for delivery in California, as well as home good products online. The US website offers items like ashtrays, block table lighters, and a set of three vinyl records.

Rogen told Architectural Digest that the goal of Houseplant was to create an elevated smoking experience through considered design and high-quality products.

“We are trying to really consider people who smoke weed in a way that they have not been considered before,” Rogen said. “Just like alcohol has martini shakers, wine glasses, and corkscrews. If you are someone who smokes weed, there is really none of that. There are Bic lighters and you are ashing into a mug half the time.”